To See Fuerteventura

The Watchtower to get lost in the waves of the ocean

We are at Fuerteventura to the Castillo de El Toston which dominates a little’ all the beaches of El Cotillo

Not a castle is a lookout tower overlooking the cliffs and wonderful beaches

And that's where, that risks losing you in the waves of the ocean or being dragged by thoughts like the wind, When it blows, shakes the mind.

But it is also one of the most romantic spots, where before a breathtaking sunset and sea breezes that you get lost in thoughts of others.

An Alchemy of situations where the view poignant of the promontory and the continuous motion of the sea are lost inside your heart.

But from there even the dirt roads to visit the island's southern coast or to start a new journey.

Little curiosity: the tower houses a small museum accessible with 1.5 €