Economy Fuerteventura

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura encourages the Cheese Majorero

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura subsidizes 20.000 EUR promotion, production, and development and quality control of the Majorero cheese, tenendo told the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin, thanks to an agreement reached between the President of the Cabildo, Marcial Morales, and chairman of the Regulatory Council for the Designation of Origin Cheese Majorero, Julián Díaz.

The insular Corporation considers the cattle as a strategic sector that represents the cultural heritage, the tradition and the island's economic wealth, bringing the work to a large part of the population.

Marcial Morales “Council action is essential for the defense of goat cheese, which it is the main product of Majorera of great cattle tradition and roots in the island.”

The Council of the Designation of Origin Cheese Majorero, It has among its objectives the promotion, the promotion, quality control and product, playing the role of specific control over raw materials, production process, monitoring the quality and marketing of the same, as well as promotional works cheese.

The special climatic characteristics of the island of Fuerteventura have allowed the development of a native breed goats, Capra Majorera, with whose milk the farmers in the area for centuries elaborate this cheese.

Source: Fuerteventura Cabildo