To See Fuerteventura Traditions

Fuerteventura island festivals

Fuerteventura Island through the Cabildo and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, It promotes the popular festivals. One way to keep the cultural traditions in the villages of Fuerteventura.

The festive program and very unique and varied. They are involved in organizing many cultural groups, neighborhood associations, Party committees, Local societies, foundations, folklore groups, etc,

The program includes theater performances, of music, of dance, cultural seminars with cultural resources of the island..

The island during the calendar year organizes more than 120 festival, some historical, as the sworn Festival in honor of San Miguel de Tuineje, or the festival in honor of Ntra. Mrs. De la Pena a Vega tengono Rio Palmas.

We invite you to download the complete program comes directly from Cabildo di Fuerteventura to get a general overview of the cultural heritage of this island


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