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The International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary, baptized as Masdanza, He arrives at its twenty-second edition.

It has a reputation beyond our community, providing a new cultural alternative to the Canary Islands. The strongest evidence is the growing presence of spectators in each edition, that thanks to his presence and curiosity to discover new creators and trends allowed the festival to establish itself nationally and internationally.

program 22 festival masdanza

Tel Aviv, Israel
Creatori Gil Joiner & Korina fraiman
Interpreti Gil Joiner, Marija slavec

” the duo offers the passionate encounter between a man and a woman. The relationship between the two is intense and chaotic, but within its possibilities you can also find comfort. Feather, desire and elegance intertwine and restore the balance in the power struggle “.

Kyoto, Japan
Creator & Interprete Hisashi Watanabe

” where it comes from the shape of the body? ” play ” It is the essence of human ” dice Johan Huizinga. Neoteny, the form that we have acquired during our evolution, is the ability to maintain the possibilities for the future without specialization. It encourages us to investigate and discover the unknown. It may be the tolerance of nature that allows us to set aside trivial items.

Budapest, Hungary
& Got Ferenc White, dávid miko (the)

” then… fight… get out of here if you can! Play with me if you dare!”

BIRDY (13)
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Creator Lai Hung-General
Interpreti i-han cheng, chia-Ming Lee, LIN-Yi chien

In this trio the dancer dreams of a bird's life, and the dancer symbolizes support, a cage, a mirror of the heart and a dream. He thirsts to be free and fly across the blue sky. E ‘ willing to sacrifice everything and to do everything necessary to fulfill his dream.

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